Moon Knight


Since Avengers: Endgame blew box offices wide open with its record breaking climax to the Avengers story in 2019, everything the MCU has churned out ever since has felt like a footnote, paling in comparison. One big end credit scene, if you will.

This latest 6-part Disney+ series, Moon Knight, is the first thing released since then that feels genuinely fresh - separating itself from the shackles of previous MCU stories entirely and taking us on a mind-bending, mystical adventure.

I mean, it’s one of the few MCU series I’ve been able to get through more than one episode of - so that’s something. It revels in not telling the audience anything, asking questions and building on the mysteries at hand.

Oscar Isaac as our new split-personality Egyptian superhero is a fine addition to the MCU’s roster, and Ethan Hawke opposite him is a memorably menacing villain - absorbed by his own obsessive ideology. Having actors of this calibre always helps.

It doesn’t sustain a terribly consistent tone, and unfortunately it often feels like it’s holding back from being something much greater. But like any good superhero blockbuster, it‘ll entertain with fun action sequences, cool visuals and solid performances that we’ll likely be treated to more of in future.

Is Moon Knight any good? The dynamic between Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke is well worth exploring, and MCU Egyptian equivalents of Batman/Wonder Woman are pretty cool to see in action.

check it out on Disney+ now