The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent


It’s certainly not the must-see movie of the year, but The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent is easily the most self-aware and unpretentious of them all. And for that reason it’s been one of the most entertaining so far.

If you’re a Nicolas Cage fan, there’s a lot of enjoyable Easter Eggs and callbacks in it for you. Starring Nicolas Cage as Nicolas Cage (and often a few different versions of the man) we find the down and out actor attending a millionaire fan’s birthday party (played by the ever-affable Pedro Pascal) for one final payout before retirement.

But of course, nothing’s ever easy. And as these two strive to make the comeback movie of the century, they get embroiled in an unexpected CIA stakeout. The perfect excuse to give Cage the opportunity to return to a few familiar personas of the past.

Is it any good? Sure. Why? Aside from the film’s carefree outlook, the Nicholas Cage-Pedro Pascal chemistry is well worth the watch.

Sometimes it’s a little on the nose, there’s plenty of jokes to laugh at and some plot-driven action scenes to enjoy, but set against the relaxing backdrop of Mallorca it’s at its strongest when they both share the screen.

The two are performing at their comedic A-game, and their feel-good relationship becomes the heart of the film. As Pascal’s Javi teaches Cage just how important he’s been to Hollywood, audiences will witness a true forging of friendship.