Welcome to Any Good?

Have you ever exhausted yourself scrolling through endless streaming lists and finally find something, thinking to yourself "sure, that looks good"? Then, having sat through two hours of a nauseatingly unfrightning horror or the first few episodes of a "critically acclaimed" bore-fest, you discover that you should've just binged Peep Show for the eighth time.


As a 21st Century streamer, chances are that's a yes. Even as a 21st Century cinemagoer, chances are that's a yes. If only there was some way of knowing whether it was really worth your time, whether it's actually Any Good?

At Any Good?, the aim is to give you an honest opinion of whether films and shows are all they're cracked up to be. Was The Batman really worth risking three hours of your life for? Are you actually going to find the new Melissa McCarthy movie game-changingly funny? And was Peaky Blinders really worth all that hype? For straightfoward criticism, lists and all things entertainment... 


Welcome To Any Good?